Guest farm

The guest farm offers quiet accommodation, away from the hustle and bustle of big city. Whilst spectacular rock formation catches the eye at the top, the lower-lying parts surprise with sightings of water birds along the farm dam`s water edge.
Children are particularly fond of exploring the rich insect-, plant- and frog-life found in parts of the, sometimes, wet grassland.
Occasional game can be seen browsing. For the mentally and physical exhausted, breathing the air of Mother Nature works wonders!


Guest farm

Magaliesburg accommodation


 History of the guest farm: Wagenpadspruit

... At Wagenpadspruit, about half way between Magaliesburg and Rustenburg, and on the main Johannesburg-Rustenburg road, he was informed that the British would be in Rustenburg on 31 May. This was somewhat premature because General Baden-Powell only arrived on 14 June 1900.

On 11 June 1900 an order was sent out to the burghers calling on them to gather at Roodekoppies on Friday 15 June. Few were inclined to go as they felt that they had just returned from commando and had had enough of it. If this was not a refusal to obey a lawful command it is difficult to imagine how else it should be understood.

At 04:00 on 14 June the British, under command of General Baden-Powell accompanied by Colonel H Plumer, accepted the surrender of Rustenburg by Field Cornet Piet Kruger, who could not persuade the burghers to put up any resistance ...